Class Placements
Beginning students are placed in classes based on their grade. After the first couple years of instruction students should register keeping in mind the instructor’s final evaluation from the previous year. The first two weeks of classes will be used as assessment weeks. At that time, teachers may ask a student to move to a different class depending on the student’s ability, age, knowledge, and maturity.

If you feel that the placement is not appropriate after the first 2 weeks, a second evaluation may be requested. All decisions are made by professionals and are with your child’s best interest in mind. 

Predance or Tiny Tots (Preschool)
In this class children explore a variety of dance forms including tumbling, tap, jazz, and ballet. They will learn skipping, hopping, galloping, somersaults, cartwheels, ballet positions, and beginning tap and jazz steps. These classes provide group participation and social interaction. Children will improve coordination, flexibility, listening, and body awareness. Learning a song and dance routine is part of every class. Must be 3 years old and potty-trained.

Acro or Tumbling Preschool and up
Acro is like floor gymnastics. In Acro students develop strength, coordination, balance, and agility. Instruction begins with simple forward rolls and cartwheels, and progresses through numerous levels that include walkovers, limbers, handsprings, and aerial tricks. Tumbling mats are used to reduce the risk of injury. Some students will be placed by level and not grade.

Stretch & Technique Classes
In these classes, students work only on building a stronger foundation and technical skills in the dance form being studied. Technique classes do perform in the annual recital. NEXSTARS dancers are to take technique classes in addition to the dance classes. Technique classes are for advanced and intermediate students only.

​Combo class *NEW* NO RECITAL

Teaches students short phases of movements in different styles of dance and helps to prepare students to learn and retain dance choreography. Exposes them to multiple dance genres with immediate performance opportunities during class time.




Pre-Pointe 3rd+ NO RECITAL

Dancers will learn exercises to prepare them for pointe work.  The instructor will determine when the student is ready to go on pointe.

Mini Hip-Hop & Pre Hip-Hop K-5th grade
Through creative movement students will develop coordination, musicality, and an understanding of beginning jazz and hip hop skills. This is a high-energy class that is great fun!

Hip-Hop 6th grade + or placement
Hip-Hop evolved out of street and break dancing. It is characterized by its expressive, athletic, and bouncy style. Classes stress technique while encouraging students to add their individual style and interpretation. Hip-hop is one of the most popular forms of dance among the young generation.

Twinkle Toes, Fancy Feet, Starlettes, Rising Stars, Juniors, PreSenior, Senior, & Advance Dance classes include Ballet, Jazz, and Tap.                                         

Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance. Classes are designed to teach proper technique which includes body alignment and positions. Dancers will gain flexibility and core strength as well as grace, poise, and discipline. Every class will include a ballet barre warm-up, center-work, and progressions across the floor.                                

Jazz dance incorporates rhythm and movements to many forms of music including rock, popular, rhythm and blues, and show tunes. With a strong focus on technique, dancers learn combinations and choreography that incorporates jumps, kicks, and turns into the differing jazz styles. A student taking jazz will develop stamina, strength, and flexibility.

Tap focuses on creating sounds with the feet. Students learn basic tap technique through rhythm exercises, step combinations, and progressions across the floor.  Tap class is great for improving a student’s rhythmic ability, coordination, and agility.

Students who are interested in TRYING OUT FOR NEXSTARS should sign up when registering for classes.  Auditions will be held in the fall for those interested.


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