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Every month your child will receive a monthly newsletter containing important information in regards to the coming month’s activities at Dance Variations. You are responsible for all the information in the newsletters. It will also be posted on the bulletin board. 

It is imperative that all students dress properly for dance/acro classes. Students coming straight from school should carry their dance attire with them and change in the dressing room before class begins. Any student not following these dress codes will not be allowed to take class. I appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this matter. Our dress code is as follows:  

All students are expected to have proper shoes for each class. 

Dance attire: leotard, tights, skirts, tank tops, tight shorts. 

Acro attire: leotard, tank top, tight shorts, no shoes. 


Pre-School Students: Parents are only allowed to stay in dance room for the first minutes, if necessary. If pre-school students are still crying after the first month the child will have to be removed from the program since crying becomes contagious! This is nothing to be ashamed of or concerned about it just means that your child is not ready for this type of program. 

In order for your child to progress in our dance program it is very important that they have a good attendance record. If your child has a long illness or if you will be away on vacation and your child will miss more than two classes please call the studio. If your child is persistently absent they may have to be removed from the program. 

Students MUST BE ON TIME for class. If a student is going to be late please call to let their teacher know.  


We are not responsible for your lost or misplaced articles. We strongly advise not to bring cell phones into the studio at any time. There is a LOST AND FOUND in the dressing room. 

Parents are not allowed to watch dance classes. Since children are easily distracted we keep the door closed so they are more likely to pay attention to the teacher. We do have a window that may be open from time to time in the downstairs studio. Sometimes parents are asked to watch at the end of some classes. We do have an open house later in the year when parents are invited and encouraged to watch their child’s class. 

IF WARRENTON SCHOOL ARE CLOSED OR DISMISSED EARLY DUE TO THE WEATHER, WE WILL NOT HAVE DANCE. On days when there is severe weather during class; please call the dance studio for information. We will change the outgoing message on the answering machine to let everyone know if we will be closed. We will also post a message on our Facebook page when we are closing due to weather. Please ask your teacher for a make up class if you choose to make up your classes. 

We insist on respect for teachers and secretaries at all times. Any complaints will be heard if done in a respectful manner. We will not tolerate any unruly behavior. If there is an issue please make an appointment with studio director and she will be glad to hear any questions or complaints. 

If for any reason the student drops out of program before the end of the season, costume and tuition up to the date of students last class MUST BE PAID IN FULL. 

These are the rules of our dance studio. If you or your child fails to follow these rules, you will be removed from the dance program*